Register and Vote – Your Voice Matters to Homeownership

Election season is in full swing! With many hotly contested races across California and the national election, voting is more important than ever. Casting a ballot is your voice as an American and an important opportunity to have a say in issues that affect your community.

With more than 324 million people in the United States, you may think your vote doesn’t matter. Think again. Numerous elections in our history have been decided by a handful of votes. In 1994, Dianne Feinstein won a U.S. Senate seat, edging out Michael Huffington by less than two percent of the vote. A 2010 tax measure to fund schools in Lakeview, Ohio passed by just 2 votes. In 2012, Cecilia Tkaczyk beat George Amedore by 18 votes out of more than 126,000 ballots cast in the race for New York Senate.

The reality is that your vote matters more now than ever before, particularly when it comes to homeownership. Every year, thousands of bills and new regulations are introduced in Sacramento and Washington DC that impact your ability to buy or sell a home. REALTORS® are engaged in the legislative process to protect your property rights. They educate legislators and oppose harmful policies like costly point-of-sale mandates or transfer taxes. Your REALTOR® is also fighting to prevent efforts to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction or extend California’s sales tax to real estate transactions. Many of these proposals don’t grab headlines, but they could have a huge impact on your business.

Your vote is critical to ensuring elected officials are accountable. Election Day is November 8th, but you must be registered to vote by October 24th. If you’re not able to make it to the polls on November 8th, you can always vote by absentee ballot. Visit www.REALTORParty.car.org to register so you can cast a ballot.

Make your voice heard this election season and protect the American Dream of homeownership.